Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pro-Prop 8 ARC Student Group Wins Legal Battle Against Los Rios Community College District

Sacramento - ARC students celebrated their recent victory in federal court against the Los Rios Community College District, after federal Judge Lawrence K. Karlton ruled last Wednesday that the district had violated the students' 14th Amendment right to due process when it invalidated thousands of student votes last year.

Pro-Prop 8 Student Group Wins Legal Battle
Judge Rules Los Rios Board Was Wrong to Toss Out Election

Friday, April 17, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Student Council passes Resolutions for Student Bill of Rights and a Committee on Anti-Religous Discrimination!

On Thursday, April 9th, the ARC Student Association passed two Resolutions: S09-02 - Student Bill of Rights, and S09-03 - Committee on Anti-Religious Discrimination. The Council's historic actions drew the attention of America's largest conservative news source, WorldNetDaily, which reported on the actions of the Student Council in an article released today as well. American River College is likely to be the first college in the State of California to adopt a Student Bill of Rights and advocate for the formation of a committee to raise awareness to anti-religious discrimination.

The Student Bill of Rights, which the SA also adopted at the Council Meeting is considered to be a call for the Administration "to defend the right of students to be treated with respect by faculty and administrators, regardless of their political or religious beliefs," as stated in Resolution S09-02. Surveys show that most college students feel there is "political bias" in the classroom.

Also passed was Resolution S09-03, titled Committee on Anti-Religious Discrimination. It was slightly modified after the President of the college, David Viar, vetoed the original, S09-01, stating this action was "outside the purview of the student organization which is 'to promote the intellectual, physical, political, and multicultural life of the college and the general welfare of the student community' and 'to encourage students to participate in the governance of the college.'"

Author of the resolution George "Yuriy" Popko said he met with President Viar and "took his suggestions into consideration when re-writing the resolution, since it is our desire to show the Administration that the Associated Student Body of American River College is willing to work together with them in addressing the issues which the students have elected us to deal with."

Although he mentions he disagrees with the stated reasons for the veto because of "prior restraint" which may be implied in the official letter sent to Student Association President Jacob Johnson - "the formation and operation of this committee has the potential to violate and interfere with well-established District and College Policies and procedures that bar discrimination," SA Student Rep. George Popko said he intends to seek a redress of grievances.

Friday, December 12, 2008

EDITORIAL: A Little Honesty Please, ARC Faculty ARE Promoting Same-Sex "Marriage"

EDITORIAL: We are publishing this response in order to clear the record regarding the misinformation being spread in the comment section of this blog about the ARC faculty-sponsored "8 Minutes of Silence" event on Monday. Blogger "Rob" posted a comment stating: "I don't think they were pissed off about Prop 8, they were pissed off that [the Student Gov.] took Prop 8 into the realm of education... As a future teacher, I can understand why politics mingling with something that they consider to be holy and good (education and teaching)... would make them angry."

Rob's comments are simply not true. The ARC Faculty specifically explained WHY they were organizing this event on their flier: "8 Minutes of Silence: For Marriage Equality and GLBT Civil Rights." The flier was not titled "8 Minutes of Silence: Keep Politics out of Education." To say that this event was anything other than a promotion of same-sex "marriage" on behalf of the ARC Faculty is just not true. Take a look at the header on the back side of the flier: "Why a rally for marriage equality at ARC??? Read what these 8 people have to say..." Again, this was not a "rally against politics in education", this was a rally for same-sex "marriage." In fact, this was a rally of ARC Faculty bringing politics into education.

Here's some excerpts from the 8 Faculty members that oppose Prop 8: "Please join me on December 8 for the Noon rally Eight Minutes of Silence for Marriage Equality. - Phil Smith, Mathematics". "As a wife, a mother, and a faithful Christian, I stand in support of same-sex marriage... -Kathy Sorensen, Biology". Other Faculty endorsing the "8 Minutes of Silence: for marriage equality" were: John Aubert (Geography), Alina Cervantes (Early Childhood Ed), Pam Chao (Sociology), Jana Gonsalves (Nutrition), Keith Atwater (Humanities), and Chris Rubio (English).

So let's just be honest about what's being promoted by the Faculty at ARC. As shown in the video, the students participating in the "8 Minutes of Noise" clearly displayed and defended their position: "Yes on 8", "Celebrate Prop 8." All we ask is that both sides do the same - it'd sure save some editorial space.

*Click on the images to enlarge and read the full "8 Minutes of Silence: For Marriage Equality" flier.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ARC Faculty vs ARC Students: 8 Minute Rallies For/Against Prop 8

After ARC faculty members gathered for "8 minutes of silence" against Prop 8, ARC students responded at the same time with their own "8 minutes of noise" in support of Prop 8, the official position of the Student Body. A student video was acquired which covers most of the 8 minute controversy.